Following the disbandment of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Premature and Sick Babies on the disolution of Parliament last year, the group has officially been reformed for the 2020 parliament.

The inaugural gathering of the APPG for the 2020 parliament took place today, Wednesday 29th January, and during the brief meeting the purpose and formation of the group was decided upon.

APPG statement of purpose

To raise awareness of the issues affecting the parents of premature and sick babies, to create practical action which secures the best quality of life for affected families, and to champion policies which increase the chance of a positive outcome for these babies.

David Linden, the Member of Parliament for Glasgow East, was returned as the Chair of the group. David has extensively campaigned on issues surrounding prematurity and neonatal care since his election in 2017 and intends to use his own experience as a father of two premature children to drive the group forward over the coming year.

The full list of office bearers elected is as follows:

  • Chair: David Linden MP
  • Vice-Chair: Alex Davies-Jones MP
  • Vice-Chair: Ranil Jayawardena MP
  • Vice-Chair: Sharon Hodgson MP
  • Vice-Chair: Darren Henry MP
  • Vice-Chair: Lord Moynihan

The inaugural meeting of the group saw an enthusiatic discussion of ideas, covering a broad spectrum of issues such as the forthcoming Employment Bill, education issues for Summer-born children, workforce shortages, and new hospital builds. Alex Davies-Jones, the newly-elected MP for Pontypridd, also shared her family's recent neonatal experiences with those present.

The group will meet again in the near future to discuss and agree upon a programme of work for the coming year.

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