The Government of Finland has revealed its new family leave policy which aims to equalise the amount of paid leave from work that each parent is entitled to.

The new policy would provide each parent with 164 "daily allowance days", which equates to around 7 months of leave.

The policy also allows for the leave to be shared, with parents able to opt to transfer 69 of their allotted days to the other parent.

Under the plans, single parents would receive a double allowance—328 days in total.

Additionally, the pregnant parent would also have a separate daily allowance period of approximately one month prior to the commencement of the parental allowance period—something that Finnish officials are referring to as a pregnancy allowance.

The Finnish Government hopes that the planned family leave reform will lead to improved family wellbeing and will increase gender equality.

“The family leave reform is the Government’s investment in the future of children and the wellbeing of families. The reform will be a major change in attitudes, as it will improve equality between parents and make the lives of diverse families easier.”

Aino-Kaisa Pekonen
Finland's Minister of Social Affairs and Health

Parental leave in the UK is split unevenly, with Statutory Maternity Pay providing for 39 weeks of paid leave, whilst only 1 or 2 weeks’ paid Paternity Leave is provided for. Parents may however opt to share leave if they meet certain criteria.

Further details of the policy can be found on the Finnish Government's website.

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